My Clay Journey by Alicia Samson was a happy chance!

I was ill for a long time and as I healed, my creativity seemed to show itself so I decided to follow it.

My journey started with simply sitting with the clay in my hands, unable to make anything for a very long time, to renting a small basement space on 1 June 2019 to now selling my products.

I make ceramics by handbuilding using mainly the ancient methods of coiling and pinching. Coiling is a slow process but I find it is exactly perfect for someone like me who is finding my way. I enjoy building my forms intuitively as I would like my own impulses to show in my work.   

However, in order to explore clay, I needed to come up with a product to help fund my newly found creative path. That's how my porcelain butter spreaders were born. The idea was to make a small and familiar, but aesthetically catchy, item that would hopefully sell easily so that I could fund my overheads and allow me more opportunity to explore different ceramic forms. Now my dream is to make a living from all my handmade work.

I hope that my creations  will attract you enough to purchase it and inspire you to pass on the word because you as the buyer completes the cycle of my clay journey.

Alicia Samson