Artist Statement

Find what is in your nature and follow it.

These words are the inspiration to my clay journey. From simply sitting with the clay in my hands, unable to make anything for a very long time, to renting a small basement space to now selling my work.

I am a self-taught ceramicist from Cape Town, South Africa, presently living in Stockholm, Sweden. All of my work is made using hand-building techniques, and each piece stands for its individuality.

My work is a reflection of my South African heritage and my 11 year old Swedish nationality. 

I love playing with colour and pattern to highlight form, taking inspiration from the South African and Swedish cultures and the need to connect deeply within myself. I enjoy creating naively and intuitively because it brings me joy.

I mainly work with porcelain clay and at times I wonder why! It has the least plasticity of all clay bodies, one has to let it dry veeerrrry slowly especially when making flatware like my butterknives, warpage is a reality no matter how well you roll it out, dry it and weight it down and it’s the most fragile in its raw state compared to all other clay bodies.

But for all of that, after it’s been through the fire it transforms to the strongest of clay bodies and in its ceramic state, its beauty is unmistakably unique. Porcelain simply keeps me on my toes and, like my creativity, reminds me so much of our humanity. To get the best out of it, we need to respect it.

Alicia Samson